There are lots of people throwing “social media expert” out there. Hell, I had it as part of my “about” on my blog, but I’ve chosen to just say that I advise people. It’s more accurate, because expertise is fairly darned fleeting out there right now. With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about things I want a so-called expert to know (and I want you to add to this list, or call me out if you disagree):


1: Which department you think your role should fall into.
2: How your role ties to marketing, PR, advertising, R&D, finance, HR, sales.
3: What tasks you’d expect a community manager to perform, and how would you measure them.
4: How you expect a company to engage in “the conversation,” and what processes will go into place to make any of that matter.
5: How to turn blog posts into business leads.
6: How to listen and find where people are talking about you.
7: Ways to report your weekly listening and community work to a very senior level person in a huge company that has about 2 minutes of time to hear your briefing.
8: Know about 100 people in the space who are doing something. The more diverse the profession and location, the better.
9: How to launch and operate a blogger outreach campaign.
10: How to tie other media into social media as an integrated campaign.


1: How to install a blog (pick your software) on a hosted server.
2: How to edit the sidebar to include a widget, or an embed, or anything.
3: How to create, edit, and post at least one other type of media besides text.
4: At least five social network accounts active, including but not limited to: 5: 5: 5: LinkedIn, Yahoo! Groups, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
6: How to find and subscribe to a podcast WITHOUT using iTunes.
7: Five stats worth knowing for any blog/website.
8: How to structure a blog post so that humans and Google like it.

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