Amazon Coming to India in 2012

Amazon is globally the principal online retail company, and now it is planning to spread its hand to India. With the latest report, Amazon has opened its dialogue box with our India’s leading E-commerce sites Flipkart and letsbuy, to get in a promising acquisition. Flipkart is one of the major players in the India’s e-commerce, and it started its business by online books selling, and later with the progress it is into selling numerous different products. According to the sources, this would be great platform for Amazon leading its way to Indian market share and acquiring its position in India. Although, whatever conversation held till date has not proved fruitful for Amazon, and may be it may take the other way to enter to Indian souk.

Flipkart has already a great E-commerce set up in India, and this is one of the reason they are not much engrossed with Amazon; until, they are been offered a great colossal premium above their company’s current valuation. With this scene, Amazon is planning to enter market on its own, and for this they have already opened a warehouse in Mumbai and also they are in the flow of recruiting process in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai for its operations. According to the survey report 2011, it is estimated that India’s E-commerce market is around $10 billion, and if currently Amazon enters then it a golden opportunity to mark its own space in Indian market.

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