Exporting Your Social Graph (Google+ vs Facebook)

Now, your export option in Facebook will be more noticeable, as Facebook has made some amendments into the Account Settings dashboard. Earlier, the option of export (or backup) your profile was at the corner, rather with this change in picture, you won’t be confused looking for the option of backup, as now export function will be in the center of the screen making it more audible and easy for the users. We initiated to give export option an attempt, to check how it operates.

If you click on the Export account option, it will kick off the backup process, which once completed will be obtainable to download. Simultaneously, a notification email will be sent to you. The backup size depends on the users total usage; for instance, if you have a backup of 100 MB which may includes you pictures, messages, wall posts, notes, videos, events management, friend list and many more as per the usage, this whole data would be in an offline version of your profile, and you can check and download a copy of this in a HTML website, screenshot which is made available by the support system. The link of “Download a copy” is available in your account setting of your facebook profile.

It is launched in index.html file and you can surf through your own profile. The archive contains 3 folders, with your records in their own sub folders. Through this you can go through each and everything which was once difficult to keep a track of the information which dated few years back; moreover, it will be great experience to check the oldest or first thing when you made an account in Facebook.
Also, when I read about Google making a lot of commotion about their catchy pick “your data being your data” with Google+, so we checked that option as well. With Google+ profile, a .vcf files of your circles are created, which you can import into your Gmail, Microsoft Outlook or any of you contact management application. Besides this, we find this option much improved, unlike the stagnant friend list organized by Facebook. However, if you consider the backup option then we think the facebook is much better in terms of your backup.

The Google+ folder separation is excellent, but within plus_one is a HTML file of the links you plus-one added. The Buzz and Stream folders have many HTML files of the links and posts that you shared. We didn’t find this representation quite useful offline. There are no HTML versions of your profile in Google+.
And, now it’s you who is gonna decide which one is better, we have made our opinion letting you know. You can get a backup of your Google+ profile, all you need to do is to check out the link of Google Takeout.

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