Five Must Try Cereals

Starting your day with the usual breads, then rice and chappati in your lunch and dinner is boring as well as unhealthy. Polished rice, refined wheat flour, semolina etc are carbs which we should avoid on daily basis as they are high-glycemic index carbohydrates. To bring in some change in your routine meal and to increase the nutrient value of your meal, here are the five cereals to must try for:

1) Millets : Millets are available in several varieties like jowar, bajra, ragi to name a few. They are very rich on fibre, vitamin A and micro-nutrients. Bajra is high on Iron quotient and ragi is high on calcium, so, it is advisable for expecting mothers and growing children to include this cereal in their meal for a healthy growth.
2) Oats: One of the favourite and advisable cereals for people indulge in weight loss program or suffering from any heart disease. This is also high of fibre and it cuts down the bad cholesterol and helps in reducing the risk of heart attack.
3) Ramdana or Amarnath: A cereal which contains as much as four times calcium than wheat and twice as much iron and magnesium must become a part of everyone’s meal. If this reason is not sufficient, then it has other added advantages also like its high on zinc, vitaminA,C and several B vitamins.
4) Quinoa: This is a South-African grain which is known for its exceptionally high protein content. Vegetarians bliss in terms of protein intake.
5) Barley: This is a grain which is pre-biotic, which implies it helps in the growth of friendly bacteria in your digestive system. Its cholesterol fighting capability makes its more unique.Also, the realization of carbohydrates is much slower than other grains which help in keeping your stomach full for a longer duration.

So, in order to give a break to your monotonous food life, try to make your usual dishes with these five grains and take a step forward for a healthy life.

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