SEO Tools to Augment Your Brand Reliability

Year 2011 was a year of SEO game transforming algorithm in the google history. Some of the vital Google updates changes were:In January Panda/Farmer update which completely washed Google indexes, link farms targeting content farms, and low quality websites. The google is accessing sites by determining “authority”. Several metrics were used to determine your brand and domain power. Whereas, on the other hand there were other truthful, quality and effective sites with exclusive content that were rising high in the ranks. Hence, the most important question rises is “How to become a reliable site?”

With Link building you can create quality inbound links. Earlier, the important aspect was on quantity but now the frame has changed and quality plays a major role. The link building activity should be organic, hence look for the options to build links with assorted anchor text, from thee other quality websites.
Following points can work well to build your effective links to augment your trustworthiness, brand and authority:Ask an Expert
•Try to put your links in the text body. Links usually found in footers, sidebars, and navigation elements are no more effective than editorial content.

•Only one site links won’t help, rather try to put different links from various domains.
•The other important factor is to put links and content on the website which have good trustworthy page rank. Avoid using the similar anchor text for your links.
•Try and create links and persuade others to link to changing content pages on your website. This may sign as a good indicator to Google that your site is trustworthy.
•Networking is really essential. Use Social Media for example Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to persuade your fans to share your content best part.
•With social bookmarking you can create valuable links.
•Sharing your links is very important. Internet marketing can strengthen you brand image.
•Reach the maximum number of people and communicate with other authoritative people, this will have high influence so as your messages can reach the high number of people.

Hence, small business can try the above metrics to rank higher and become a trustworthy site.
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